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Engineer at ALOMAR Observatory

Søknadsfrist: 29.12.23

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Stillingstype: Fast

Arbeidssted: Andenes, Norge

Søknadsfrist: 29.12.23

Om arbeidsgiver:

Andøya Space is a Norwegian aerospace company. We enable scientists to explore Earth’s atmosphere with sounding rockets, balloons, unmanned aircraft and advanced ground-based instrumentation. We enable engineers to test new aerospace and defense related technology. We educate and inspire the next generation scientists and engineers. We are now working to establish Norway’s - and Europe’s - launch facility for small satellites.


Navn: Martin  Flügge

Tittel: Director Ground-Based Instrumentation

Tlf./E-post: 977 33 372

Headquartered on the scenic island of Andøya in northern Norway, Andøya Space, is an aerospace company with over six decades of operations. With a “can-do” attitude we support researchers, engineers, and government entities by providing the means to fly, launch, test, research, educate and inspire. We offer a variety of services to scientific, industrial and space related institutions by means of sounding rockets and ground-based instrumentation at the world's most northerly permanent base for the launch of scientific sounding rockets. One important backbone of those services is a set of instruments monitoring the meteorological situation at Andøya from ground-level up to the mesosphere (now-casting), hosted at ALOMAR.ALOMAR is an advanced laboratory, specialized in passive and active optical remote sensing of all layers in the Arctic atmosphere, in particular LiDAR observations. ALOMAR hosts two RMR LiDAR systems, 3 atmospheric research radar systems and several other instruments owned by institutions from different countries. This enables researchers to explore all layers of the Arctic atmosphere from ALOMAR’s vantage point on top of the 378m heigh Ramnan mountain at Andøya.The research performed at ALOMAR contributes to an increasing number of scientific publications and has supported countless sounding rocket missions. While the sounding rockets ensure the in-situ snapshot of the atmosphere, the instruments at ALOMAR are providing remote sensing of the same area, giving researchers both a closer look and a broader view at the same time.

Working tasks / responsibilities

The successful applicant will join the Ground-Based Instrumentation department which is part of the Andøya Space Sub-Orbital division. The workplace is located at the ALOMAR Observatory, and the position requires rotary work according to duty schedule. Work hours are typically during ordinary workdays between 08:00 – 16:00h and 15:00 – 01:00h. During campaign periods and in the summer months, other work hours may be applicable, including night shifts and weekend shifts.Main Responsibilities:

  • Operation and maintenance of instruments for remote sensing at the ALOMAR observatory (rotary work according to duty schedule)
  • Provide technical support to visiting researchers at the ALOMAR observatory, to the Ground-based Instrumentation department and to the Sub-orbital division.
  • Quality assurance and post-processing of measurement data from LiDAR and other instrumentation, and uploading of data to relevant data bases.
  • Analyze and interpret cal/val data from Earth observation satellites.
  • Prepare scientific and administrative project reports for the observatory's customers as well as for funding organizations (Norwegian Research Council, EU, ESA, etc.).
  • Actively participate in dissemination activities about the research supported by the Ground-Based Instrumentation department, where this is natural in relation to the position and areas of responsibility, e.g., lectures for students, workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Conduct popular science tours for visitors and students at the ALOMAR observatory.
  • Participate in relevant projects in the Ground-Based Instrumentation department, Sub-Orbital division and the Andøya Space group in general.
  • Carry out the release of meteorological balloons in connection with student courses hold by the Andøya Space Education division (training will be provided).
  • Contribute to the preparation of research and infrastructure applications to Norwegian Research Council, ESA, EU and others.

Qualifications – Education

Essential Competences and ExperienceWe are seeking an applicant with:

  • Master level knowledge in physics, atmospheric physics, engineering or equivalent
  • Willingness to perform rotary work according to duty schedule, including night and weekend shifts.
  • Good programming skills in MATLAB or Python.
  • The ability to independently carry out a scientific data analysis, including scientific report writing, using data collected by:
    • LiDAR and scientific RADAR remote sensing
    • in-situ measurements
    • Earth Observation satellites
  • The ability to communicate about scientific issues as well as scientific analyses and conclusions to students, specialists, and the general public.
  • A valid Norwegian / EU driving license, class B
    • The applicant must be able to drive a car up and down the steep gravel road leading to the ALOMAR observatory, both in summer and winter time.
  • ALOMAR’s location on a mountain top might in some exceptions require to walk up or down, due to poor weather conditions. The 45 min walk should rather be a pleasure for you than a burden.
  • The applicant must be eligible to obtain a Norwegian security clearance.

Desirable Competences and Experience:

  • Knowledge of maintenance and operation of LiDAR and/or scientific RADAR systems
  • Knowledge in the field of Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), including calculation of satellite orbital parameters.
  • Knowledge about preparation of research and infrastructure applications to Norwegian Research Council, ESA, EU, and others.
  • Knowledge of other programming languages than MATLAB and Python is an advantage.Language skills:The applicant must be able to express himself well in English, both orally and in writing. Applicants who do not speak Norwegian must have the willingness to acquire basic Norwegian language skills.

Personal qualities

We are looking for a colleague with dedication and expertise, who can identify with the company values:Collaborative, Innovative and Uncompromising

  • We work closely together with our customers and partners. We believe collaboration is the key to achieve mission success.
  • Doing the impossible excites us, and we turn every stone to bring a project to completion. The answer to a challenge might not be the obvious one and we want to foster an environment where ideas and suggestions can flourish.
  • In aerospace one often only get one chance. The key to success is quality and safety. We are flexible in all areas except those two.

The applicant must have the ability to work in a multi-cultural team as well as independently.

We offer

Andøya Space is a stimulating international working environment, within an active local community, on an island providing many opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Salary is by agreement, with pension and insurance arrangements. Andøya Space supports flexible working hours, we assist newcomers find housing and we may provide support for relocation costs. The position is subject to a standard six-month probationary period.

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